Line of Credit

Need quick cash? This is another method for you to access money at any time, your own “credit card.” This is an arrangement between you the customer, and us, the lender, with a maximum loan balance being set that we permit you to access.

Max Amount $7,500.00 (Max approval based on salary)

Requirements for Qualification of Loans:

  • Two Forms of Identification
  • Two References (Not Living at Same Address; preferably ONE family member and friend)
  • Proof of Address (No older than 3 months; Utility Bill, Bank Statement or a SIGNED LETTER from co-habitant, along with their utility bill and a copy of their IDENTIFICATION)
  • Job Letter – Respective person detailing income and deductions or most recent salary slip (2 months or 4 weeks)
    NOTE: First time applicants should provide both
  • Stay within the maximum amount set in the agreement
  • Meet other financial agreements such as repayments

Information Required Before Approval

Key Product Information

Interest charging information Interest rate fixed for the life of the loan
Repayment information You can repay your loan by payroll deduction or visit our office to make a payment
Repayment period The maximum loan term is 5 ½ years and must be repaid by your 70th birthday.
Amount of loan available You can borrow up to $95,000 maximum
Application/ Arrangement Fee No application or arrangement fees apply.
Default Fees None
Loan Protection Loan protected up to $65,000
Early settlement You can repay the loan at any time fully or partially without charge

All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.

*Monthly repayments will be a Minimum of 5% of the new balance.
**The Rate of Interest is 15% of the outstanding balance, however UECUL reserves the right to increase this to a maximum of 18% based on the perceived risk.

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