Loan Application

What documents do I require when applying for a loan?

Untied Enterprise Credit Union Limited offers affordable financing to our members so that they can best achieve their dreams and aspirations.  Members are asked to present the following documents when applying for any of our loans:

  1. Two (2) forms of valid photo I.D. (Barbados I.D. card, Passport, Drivers’ License)
  2. Two (2) most recent pay slips (not older than two (2) monthly payment periods)
      • Paid monthly – 2 payslips,
      • Paid Semi-monthly – 4 payslips
      • Paid weekly – 4 payslips
  3. Job Letter
  4. Proof of address – Utility bill (Barbados Water Authority, Barbados Light & Power, Natural Petroleum Corporation, Landline bills for Flow and Digicel, Courts, Massy and Payce Digital are acceptable) or Bank statement in your name.
    *Where the proof address is in someone else’s name, the Letter of Authorization Form can be provided in office.*Pay slips, Job letter and Proof of address must be no older than three (3) months.

    Please note the following:

    • All members must be working for one full year at an establishment to be eligible for application
    • The Credit Union is unable to process applications without these documents.