Recruit Members

Ambassadors United Program

What is an Ambassador?

The Ambassadors United consist of United Enterprise Credit Union Ltd members who take time out of their busy schedule to spread the word about the Credit Union by assisting us in communicating to your fellow employees, our members. As our Ambassador, your feedback is very important to us, to help develop better products and services for our members.

What is an Ambassador’s Mission?

As the credit union’s Ambassador at your company, you act as the intermediary between your co-workers and United Enterprise Credit Union Ltd. You – the Ambassador assist us in helping your co-workers meet their financial goals.

  • Distributing and posting information about United Enterprise Credit Union
  • Notify the Credit Union of any opportunities to facilitate on-site sign-ups, presentations, payroll inserts, etc.
  • Share the benefits of becoming a member at United Enterprise Credit Union with fellow employees.

Qualifications to become an Ambassador

To be a credit union Ambassador and join the team of Ambassadors United requires a belief in the resilience of our credit union and a passion to share the benefits of being a member with others.

Ambassador Privileges

  • 2% off  of future (non-promotional loans) loans or refinanced (The interest is fixed while individual is an ambassador)
  • Staycation for the most new account open as per referral. Monthly Update.
  • Ambassador Brochures
  • Semi-annual luncheon
  • Once a minimum of 12 members are recruited during a calendar year, an ambassador is eligible for 1 Skip-A-Payment. These payments must be utilized within 2 months. (Please note a Skip-A-Payment form will have to be filled out)

Terms and Conditions apply. Call for more information.