Required Documents for Loans

Apr 17, 2019 | News

In an effort to quicken the loan application process, we’ve listed the necessary documents/items you will need.  Should you require further guidance, you are free to call the office, or come in today. We do hope this helps you.

ALL APLICATIONS Two months recent salary slip and job letter
Two (2) valid photo identification cards
APPLIANCE/FURNITURE Pro forma invoice from store  
 BUSINESS Bank statements  
Financial statements  
Cash flow projections  
Budget (Profit & Loss)  
Business plan  
DEBT CONSOLIDATION Bills to be paid  
EDUCATION Acceptance letter & Fees list  
FUNERAL EXPENSES Quotation/invoice from the funeral home  
Proof of death certificate  
INSURANCE (HOME/VEHICLE) Renewal notice or quotation from the insurance company  
MEDICAL Pro forma invoice or letter from doctor or medical facility (no personal details of medical procedure are required)  
MORTGAGE Building contract  
Building plans approved by Town & Country Planning Department  
Insurance (property)  
Insurance (life/term)  
Property Valuation  
Purchase offer/Sale agreement  
Quantity Surveyor’s estimate for construction  
Site plan/plot  
REPAIRS/RENOVATIONS – HOME Builder’s contract or estimates for material & labour  
REPAIRS – VEHICLE Expense quotation(s)  
Driver’s license  
TRAVEL Itinerary  
 VEHICLE PURCHASE Driver’s license  
Invoice or letter from seller  
Insurance quotation  
Current registration number  
Valuation from dealer/trustworthy garage  
Vehicle information  
Year, make, model, engine # & chasis #  
WEDDING Proof – Letter from church/quotation for expenses  

*NB.   Before any loan is disbursed, fees must be paid on your behalf to cover any external services unless included in the loan.  These include:


  • Assignment of insurance policies
  • Vehicle Bill-of-Sale
  • Investment Bonds
  • Property Valuations
  • VFI Services (Vehicle Data & Inspection check)